Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

I'm such a terrible blogger.

I remember I used to think, why couldn't he/she update their blog more often?! when they were already posting every other day. Just never understood...until now. Kudos to those bloggers who regularly update!

new year, new me - right? Right.

I'm pretty sure once upon a time I would have been the poster girl for insecurity, but as I got older I learned to keep it under control. I still set unrealistic goals for myself, expect too much and overwork myself - but don't we all?

Here are a few goals I have for myself this year:

1. Fit into my old jeans again

And by old jeans I mean the ones I bought last year. I used to want to lose weight, 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs... and each year I would fail. Fail because when I did go to the gym, I would gain more from muscle (I might not be super fat but I can assure you my body is probably ALL fat. Gross, I know.)

And if all fails, buy new jeans. (JUST KIDDING.....)

PS. See what I had to say about health and fitness on super awesome local blogger, Melissa's site!

2. Find a style that I'm comfortable with

I keep buying into trends that don't fit my body or my look. Everything in my closet is a mess because I have bits and pieces of every style and they don't go together. So you pretty much see me wearing the same outfits because I only have a couple of things that go together.

But in the end I find the things that I go towards most are my chunky sweaters and jeans. I keep buying dresses and heels that just go to waste because I NEVER wear it. Sweaters and jeans might not be the most fashionable but hey, at least I'm comfortable in my own skin and I think I'm cool with that.

3. Have more "me" time

2010 has been the most stressful year and day after day I would push myself to the limits. I told myself I wasn't stress and never broke down but that's because I never stopped. So you can only imagine what happened when I did stop for a breath. I'm exhausted ALL THE TIME. It's time to relax and have fun.

So I plan to relax more: yoga, long walks, spa days - whatever it takes to make me feel like I'm 21 and not 80 years old.

"Just because you're breathing doesn't mean you're alive"
(that quote, pretty much my life story)

So here's to a year to finding peace with who we are! Good luck with all your goals :)


  1. Those are some great goals m'dear!

    I'm kind of obsessed with that quote. So obvious but so true! I'm going to have to repeat that to myself often :)

    And thanks for the kind words about my blog xo


  2. Love that quote! & awesome goals. I've also been dedicating my days to more 'me' time.. I've realized that I love taking long baths and reading a magazine with some wine! So relaxing to take some time out of your busy day.

    Xo Chelle

  3. Totally agree with the whole "me" deal; one of my resolutions this year was to do whatever makes me happy. I'm only a year older than you, but I'm pretty much there with you--been pushing myself so much that I started to feel older than I was.

    Great quote!

    Thanks for the blog comment, I'd love if you followed! :o)