Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adding Colour

My closet is consists of black, black and... the occasional grey. I bought a few new pieces to add colour to my wardrobe.

  • Mustard yellow cardigan - J. Crew
  • Red ankle jeans - Forever 21
  • Wine Coloured dress - Forever 21
  • Mustard yellow suede belt - Forever 21

Still on the hunt for some burnt orange and jade coloured items to add! Any suggestions?

What colours do you like to wear?


  1. I am huge on blues, greens, and roses. I also wear tons of brown leather so I like wearing cool tones that set them off. Lovely new pieces love! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

    Alexandra xo

  2. These colors are beautiful! I'm the same way. I have LOADS of neutrals in my closet. I need MORE COLOR!!! :D

  3. I wear a lot of black too. I like to add color through jewelry.